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The Asheville Tribune, as the flagship News Magazine for Tribune Papers, has prided itself on it's growing reputation as an Investigative Media Source. The same attention to detail that has gone into our national features is also given toward local and state matters. Below is a sampling of a few of our national level investigations. Enjoy!

The North American Union Rolls Along

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
By Mike Scruggs

Tribune Index to the Terry Stewart Saga
Series of articles following the Terry Stewart Case

Privatizing Social Security for dummies
How to turn $3.00 per day into over $1 million
By David Morgan

Principal spurns black spokesman for Southern Heritage
Valley Springs School blocks H.K. Edgerton appearance

The old mass media has no pants
by David Morgan

Hill Street Baptist Church bans Confederate-style funeral
Anna Bell Edgerton, age 80, was laid to rest in Asheville, NC's historic Riverside Cemetery this Saturday in the company of more than 200 friends and supporters, but not until she and her family received a major snub from the management of Hill St. Baptist Church. Mrs. Edgerton, mother of seven, passed away Jan. 16 after a long illness.

Does bin Laden have US Army medical files?
Asheville, NC woman blows whistle; MedQuist denies story

Gettysburg College to "lynch" Confederate battle flag
Avant-garde artist to demonstrate "proper way to hang" Southern flag & H.K. Edgerton marches

UNC-A and its "Free Speech" zone.

The untold dangers of public access TV

Congressman Taylor testified under oath
Dominant Media Cover-up?
By David Morgan

Investigative Documentary
Ever wonder how the U.S. collateralizes it's debt?
By David Morgan and Matthew Mittan

Tribune Exclusive Interview
Black leader defends Confederate Flag, responds to violent attackers
By Dana Davis, The Tribune

In-Depth Special Report
Excommunication: ... American Style
Church And Sexuality
Battle For Control Reflects Changes In Secular Society.

Investigative Documentary
By Dana Davis
Part I, "New Air Quality Threat Seen"
What People Are Saying
About Contrails
Part II, "Contrails, He Said - She Said"
About Contrails Part 2
Part III, "Contrails, The Military"

Investigative Documentary
Number 16 in a Series on the Middle East Crisis
By Mike Scruggs for The Tribune
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