Contrails, The Military
By Dana Davis, The Asheville Tribune

A young South Korean boy narrowly escapes the unloading of “imaginary chemicals” released by a Kamov helicopter onto the streets of downtown Seoul Tuesday as part of an ongoing military procedure in which the United States and South Korean have mobilized tens of thousands of troops in the area to perform various operations in conjunction with their chemical warfare prevention military exercise, code-named “Ulji Focus Lens”.

The exercise began a year ago when the chemical support unit of
the 20th combat flying corps of the puppet air force staged a drill for a chemical, biological and atomic warfare.

Domestically, on June 25, 1999 President William J. Clinton filed with the Office of the Federal Register, Executive Order 13128 -- Implementation of the Chemical Weapons Convention and the Chemical Weapons Convention Implementation Act. Clinton is combining this act with International Emergency Economic Powers Act, the National Emergency Act, and U.S. Code (section 301 of title 3), to facilitate the implementation of the supposed prohibition of the development, production, stockpiling and use of chemical
weapons and the destruction of any existing chemical weapons.

Clinton calls on the Departments of Defense, State, Energy, Commerce, “And the heads of such other agencies or departments, or their designees, I may consider necessary or advisable” in carrying out the “convention”. On the same day Clinton informed the U.S. Congress of his intention to continue with his declaration of a “National Emergency With Respect to Weapons of Mass Destruction.” Within this message to Congress, Clinton
states, “The amendment enables the United States Government to ensure that imports into the United States of certain chemicals from any source are permitted in a manner consistent with the relevant provisions from the convention.”

The Tribune has conducted extensive research in trying to attain hard
evidence leading to any information that could substantiate claims and theories related to chemical trails being laid in the wake of military planes in the guise of condensation trails.

Parties on both sides of the fence are entrenched that their view is the correct one in this controversial debate. Chemtrail believers consist mainly of the “average Joe” and amateur sky watchers, while those who refute chemtrails, arguing that the cirrus formations are harmless contrails, consist primarily of physicists, NASA researchers, and other such scientists.

But a lack of information relating to "chemtrails" is not enough to deny their existence. Are the lingering contrails, in fact, normal? Have they always been synonymous with jet travel in certain climatic conditions? Is it customary for military planes to fly very close side by side and leave trails behind and form crosshatch patterns across the nation? 

In Executive Order 13128, Clinton stated that disclosure of such military information would not be permitted if it were "contrary to national security or law enforcement needs."

In Part I of the Contrail series we reported how, according to U.S. Code, the U.S. government may use human subjects for testing or biological agents in the event of one of these three circumstances:
1) Any peaceful purpose that is related to a medical, therapeutic,
pharmaceutical, agricultural, industrial, or research activity.
2) Any purpose that is directly related to protection against toxic
chemicals or biological weapons and agents.
3) Any law enforcement purpose, including any purpose related to riot control.
Executive Order 13128 falls under the category of the last two exceptions.

One curious piece of information, learned during our investigation, is the establishment of a "FLU Clinical Study" in Phoenix, AZ. A 1-800 number was established soliciting residents to contact the clinic if they experienced certain symptoms, within a certain time frame. During this same time frame numerous "sky-watchers" reported extensive contrail formations above the region.

When we called the number, in June, a recording stated that the clinical study had been discontinued but referred people to a website
( Upon accessing the "IGotFlu" website we learned that it was a project of Roche Pharmaceuticals. Roche Pharmaceuticals is on the leading edge of bioresearch and is one of the organizations that registered numerous "hits" onto various "Contrail" websites. 

Those who believe that a diabolical scheme exists in connection to the "chemtrails" say that this information is too coincidental to be a
coincidence. (As of press time, we were unable to reenter the "IGotFlu" website.) While no solid proof of any "contaminating" or "immunizing" of the public exists at this point, there are confirmed military functions that can be addressed.

Former Secretary of Defense Les Aspin launched the Defense
Counter-proliferation Initiative in December 1993, which calls for the development of capabilities needed to deter and defend against the use of biochemical weapons. Aspin described the Initiative as ensuring that U.S. forces are equipped and trained to prevail in future major theater wars that may involve biochemical threats.

Current U.S. Secretary of Defense William Cohen issued a report on July 27, 1999 addressing the concerns of the U.S. in defending the nation against a biological or chemical attack. In that report Cohen stated, “The race is on between our preparations and those of our adversaries. We are preparing for the possibility of a chemical or biological attack on American soil because we must. There is not a moment to lose. Preparation is itself a deterrent. As part of a federal interagency effort launched last year by President Clinton and led by the National Security Council, the Defense Department is doing its part to prepare the nation for the catastrophic consequences of an attack that unleashes these horrific

Cohen goes on to say, “We must not trample on American lives and
liberties in the name of preserving them. Fears about the military's role in domestic affairs are unfounded, as evidenced by a long history of reasonable and successful military support to communities ravaged by natural disasters, such as fire and flood. As in the past, any military support will be precisely that -- support. Both legal and practical considerations demand it.”

But despite Cohen’s assurances, he asserts that the nation’s military is conducting military tests concerning the nation’s defense against
biochemical warfare, while providing no details as to how.

What has been confirmed thus far is that U.S. and South Korean military aircraft are intentionally spraying at least something in the wake of their path. It is a specific function of military exercises being conducted in South Korea related to biochemical warfare. What they’re leaving behind is strikingly similar to the contrails that are attracting attention with increasing abundance throughout the United States.

Alas, The Tribune has yet to find a smoking gun. At this point we cannot confirm nor can we deny the validity of the chemtrail theories. But we can continue to search for the truth. When that definative truth has been discovered, the fourth and final part of the contrail series will run.