The Un-Civil War
Truths Your Teacher Never Told You
By Mike Scruggs

Author Mike Scruggs brings an important new scholarly perspective to the issues that divided the United States prior to 1861 and through the tortuous years of the War and the terrible aftermath called the Reconstruction. This is a book that should be required reading. It is our history and our heritage. It is a book that reaches out to every American with a curious and open mind in an effort to rescue truth from decades of oppression.

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This is history as you were never taught in school, and it shapes our society still today.
Read the factual history of the Southern Flag, the true causes of the War, the first 13th Amendment, the Cherokees' alliance with the South, the Constitutional issues that are still alive today, how the South was kicked out of the Union after the War, what really went on during Reconstruction, the iron fist of the Union League Club, the carpetbaggers, the dubious passage of the 14th Amendment, and much more. Anyone who reads what Mike Scruggs has written here cannot help but walk away with a far greater understanding of the South, of what it stands for, and of its true role in this nation.

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